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Author Resources: Setting Up Your Pre-Orders

Updated: Jan 25

One thing that is always a little intimidating to indie authors is setting up pre-orders. So, let’s take a stroll through the wonderful world of self-publishing platforms and their preorder processes! Much like part 1 to this series, Author Resources: Self-Publishing Platforms, this post will focus primarily on Amazon, IngramSpark, and Draft2Digital.


For Amazon, you can only set up pre-orders for your ebook. They don’t allow physical pre-orders yet, so if you want to put up a physical pre-order, you’ll have to use either IngramSpark or D2D. But for now, let’s go through how to set up your Amazon ebook preorder.

Using your KDP dashboard, create your book and move through the title setup process.

Once you get to “release date” you will select a date in the future. Amazon allows you to put your ebook up for preorder up to one year in advance.