Review: Tricky Magic by L.L. Campbell

A new paranormal romance series filled with sass, spice, and secrets, Tricky Magic by debut author (and one of my BFFs) L.L. Campbell is going to knock your socks off. 

It has been actually quite difficult to write this review, and let me tell you why. Lexi is my friend. Like, one of my best friends on the face of this earth. And I’ve been involved in this in some way since she first decided to go for it. So writing this review and trying to be objective about it for people who don’t know how amazing Lexi is, is hard. But I’m gonna try. *cracks knuckles*

Tricky Magic has reinvigorated my love for paranormal romance, not that it was ever really waning. But this book just brought it back to the forefront of my genre obsession.

The characters are simply STUNNING. Ellea, our female main character is a badass Witch who is also so vulnerable it makes me want to shake her and remind her that she’s a boss ass Witch. Her struggles resonate with me, and her sex positive nature and sarcastic wit makes me want to be her. Lexi has written a female character that is just so…relatable that it hurts sometimes.

Now, onto our big brooding man. You won’t meet him until Chapter 9, but trust me when I say…. he is soooooo worth the wait. Our mysterious mountain man is delicious, sassy, angsty, and just great. That’s all I’ll say about him for now, but you’re gonna want to meet him. (Hint: Keep an eye on Lexi’s IG page tonight… there may be a surprise coming)

The spicy scenes are plentiful, explicit, and downright hot. You’ll need a cold shower after reading this one, for sure. Oh, and if someone named Chris comes up to you and tells you that you’re reading ghost porn, smack him in the head and tell him to hush. It’s obviously shadows Christopher. (inside joke explanation: Lexi’s fiancé keeps telling her that her book is ghost porn because of one scene. He’s wrong.)

Belias is a dick and that’s all I’ll say about that.

Plot wise, this is similar to some PNR’s I’ve read, yet totally different at the same time. It’s got Witches, Wolven, and other Supernaturals, but the world building, back story, and conflict development is unique and engaging. The pacing is right on beat and never feels too slow or too fast. The story progresses so naturally, you won’t even know you’re turning the page, and those are my favorite kind of reads.

Another thing that just truly blew me away is how Lexi was able to do dual POV, in third person, and still have the characters sound completely unique in their inner thoughts. There was never a question of who’s point of view I was reading from, and I love that.

THE ENDING. Okay, Lexi is my friend, but we gonna have to have a little chat. I love me some cliffies, but seriously girl. I can only hope she writes book 2 as fast as she did this one!

I’m going to also talk about something that I normally don’t in my reviews, and that’s the physical design of this book. It’s fucking stunning. I know the paperback isn’t out yet, but I’ve gotten to see the proof copy of it, and my jaw hit the floor. The inner designs and chapter art is just absolutely gorgeous, and if you can only buy one format, you NEED to buy the paperback. I also want to give kudos to Lexi, again, because the bitch did most of that design shit herself like some kind of techno witch. Mad jealous and mad proud.

Overall Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

Spice Rating: 🌶🌶🌶🌶/5


Tricky Magic (Book 1) by L.L. Campbell


She is his fire, he is her chaos.

Ellea is a Witch, a mix of both the respected Seers and the feared Tricksters. On top of that, she has also spent her whole life in the shadows of her parents’ infamous attempted destruction.

After Ellea’s frequent and feared vision of the future shifts into something darker and more terrifying than before, she runs to a town that used to be a haven for her as a child.

But things are no longer as they seem. The world of Supernaturals is so much more than she thought and after a run in with a mysterious hunter, she finds her and her powers spiraling.

Will the town of Glenover be the place she finally leaves her fears behind and embraces a new future? Or will her powers become destructive and result in her own destruction by the frustratingly handsome hunter?


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