Review: Timber by Tate James

I got an ARC. Holy crap. Let’s talk.


My best friend, my right hand, the man I trusted above all others. Zayden de Rosa declared his love for me and pursued me until he shattered the walls between us. Then the man who loved me proved to be a traitor. I never saw that coming.


My fierce lover, he died to protect me. Let me kill him and erase him so he could move in the shadows. He’s out there alone and he has no idea what’s happened. All he’ll know is that I’m not where I’m supposed to be. Something that might cost him his life for real. I have to trust him to survive on his own. He never saw that coming.


My lighthouse. My lover. My Lucas. I love him so damn much and while I might be guilty of some crimes, the worst seems to be hurting him. The majority of what they arrested me for was a damn lie, but not that one. Hopefully the light he promised me will sustain through this time. We never saw that coming.


My ex is at the heart of this all. One assault after another. He didn’t break me before and he won’t break me now.

I’m Hades.

He’ll never see me coming.

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“These three men loved me unconditionally. They would lay down their lives for me, as I would for them.”


I once again want to thank Tate for gifting me an ARC of this book. It made my day and made me squeal so loud when I got the email that my husband thought I saw a spider. I appreciate you.

So the last book left us heartbroken, pissed off, and confused af. This one picks up right after those events, but in our boy’s POV. You know which boy.

I don’t know how well I can review this one without spoilers, but I tried really hard. Even though, please be warned that there may be spoilers here, so proceed with caution.

I’ll be posting a spoiler laden review on my IG once the book has been out for a bit and I won’t ruin anyone’s day.

Hot damn. I need a cold shower after finishing this book.

Please heed the trigger warning at the beginning of this book. This one is intense, dark, and violent. Darker than any of the others so far. So just keep that in mind, and value and protect yourself if you need it.

Some of the trigger warnings are a bit spoilery, so if you want more specific warnings, please please please feel free to message me. For general trigger warnings, please be advised this book contains graphic depictions of violence, death, forced drug use, sexual assault, child trafficking, and sexual content.

Okay, now for the meat of the thing. This was PHENOMENAL. The character development was outstanding, heartbreaking, smile-inducing, thigh clenching, all the adjectives you could ever think of. Just when I thought I couldn’t love these characters anymore, I fell even more in love. They are beautifully flawed, have so much depth, and the love for each other is just heartwarming. I love these 4 so much.

The world building of Shadow Grove continues to get more and more intricate and connected and I am here for it! We get to see our favorite MK crew a bit, and even some surprise appearances from the ever mysterious Guild members.

Hades and her boys are creative as hell when it comes to dishing out punishment, and I absolutely love it! Bloodthirsty, relentless, yet vulnerable with each other and just divine.

We got to meet some new characters that I’m excited to learn a bit more about, and we finally get an explanation for Zeddy Bear’s actions. You all know, it’s hard to stay mad at that face for too long.

TL;DR: This book was fucking stunning and will not disappoint. Read it. Clear your day and just read it.

Once you read this one, please message me so we can freak out together, please and thanks!

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Thanks for reading my little pirates!

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