Review: Sea of Roses by Opal Reyne

Pirates of the Caribbean, but make it spicy? Sign me tf up. Join me while I review Sea of Roses by Opal Reyne!

Disclaimer: I was gifted a copy of this book for review. However, upon finishing it, I went to Amazon and purchased it. So, do with that what you will. Second disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, meaning if you purchase through that link, I earn a small (very small) commission at no extra cost to you!

Okay, now that all the technicalities are out of the way…. Oh my god. This boooooook is so much fun. We all know that I’m in love with pirates, so why it took me so long to discover this book, the world may never know. But I am so glad I discovered it!

The author describes it best, saying that if Captain Jack and Elizabeth had actually happened, this is what it would be like. I agree, but Captain Paine is a hell of a lot darker than Jack ever could be and I love that!

The characters are amazing, and the plot was interesting and kept me engaged during the entire read through. Each character really had their own story to tell and it was fascinating to see it all play out.

I’ve been obsessed with pirates for a long time, and this was exactly what I needed.

Rosetta is a badass in her own right, and seeing her learn to communicate her needs and wants and let others in besides her crew is rewarding. Captain Paine is a pain in my tush, but I think he’ll pull his head out of his ass eventually. He has potential. Especially in the bedroom *wink wink*.

And I’d be amiss if I didn’t mention the spice. These spicy scenes are phenomenallllll! They didn’t detract from the plot, but graciously added to the character development and frustrations between Rosetta and Captain Paine. Here for it.

There was a bit of the miscommunication trope that usually tends to frustrate me, but honestly, it more straddled the line of Rosetta just doesn’t trust no bitch, and I support that.

The ending wasn’t devastating like some other cliffies I’ve read lately, but I still need book 2 immediately. I can’t wait to see what happens next for these two!

Overall Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

Spice Rating: 🌶🌶🌶/5

As a reminder, in case my spice rating seems low. Go here to see how I rate my books.


Book Details:

Sea of Roses: A Pirate Romance Duology Book 1 by Opal Reyne


Captain Alister Paine has always had his good eye set on treasure, murder, and sinking ships. His fame as a ruthless, blood-thirsty pirate has spread across the Seven Seas. The Howling Death, his precious warship, is the deadliest ship on the ocean waters, striking fear into the hearts of all those who see it. So when a deceitful yet sensual woman steals his bloody ship from him, he wants nothing but revenge!


His anger holds no bounds. He wants to punish her, but there is something about Rosetta Silver that has Alister drowning beneath the waves of his carnal desires. Despite her tricky nature, he foolishly ends up wanting her.


However, Rosetta isn’t what she seems, and Alister must decide if his desire for this captivating woman is strong enough to fight against her dark secrets.

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Have you read this one? What did you think?