Review: King of Battle and Blood

I can finally talk about it, so TALK ABOUT IT I WILL! I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy of KBB from Scarlett and her new publisher Bloom Books, and I am thrilled to be able to chat about with you all now officially!

This book was stunning. Flawless. Amazing. Earth shattering. 5 stars. All the praise.

I thought Scarlett knocked it out of the park with her Hades and Persephone saga but this is just a whole other level. This book has skyrocketed to the top of my all time favorites, and for good reason!

Vampires, witches, arranged marriages, enemies to lovers, political court intrigue, this has GOT IT ALL! There’s fun tropes that we all love, there’s some twists and turns even I didn’t see coming, and most of all, there is amazing characters that just suck you right in to the story and don’t let go.

Honestly and unapologetically, I fell in love with Isolde before Adrian. Isolde could like….get it. Adrian is great too, but Isolde is just on a whole other level. She’s a strong, independent woman who knows exactly what she wants and is gonna go after it. HERE FOR IT!

The world building was phenomenally done, with such detail. The view and perception of the vampires and how it changes throughout the book was well done! The side characters ran the gamut between supremely interesting and really fucking irritating. Oh, and Daroc. I know who this name was based on and he gets an honorable mention just so Britt can show him he’s famous.

The plot, without giving spoilers, is unique and well executed, and the book gets wrapped up nicely while still setting up the next book really well! Usually with Scarlett’s books, I’m left rocking back and forth staring at a wall until the next one comes out. While there could have been a bit of that here, it was more like “oh my goodness, I just read art.”


Thank you to Scarlett for being 1) an overall amazing human being and 2) a freaking genius author. I got this ARC as part of her street team, but honestly, I would have written this same review even if I didn’t want to marry the author.

If you love:

– Vampires

– Enemies to lovers

– Sexually secure women

– Reincarnation

– Witches

– Big baddy monsters

– Political/court drama

Then you NEED to preorder this book! It released November 30, 2021, and is available on all the places books are sold. I’ve included purchase links below:

  1. Amazon

  2. Barnes and Noble Hardcover

  3. Barnes and Noble Exclusive Paperback

  4. Barnes and Noble Nook

  5. Books a Million

  6. Indigo Hardcover

  7. Indigo Exclusive Paperback

  8. IndieBound

  9. Apple Books

  10. Kobo

I hope you order and support this amazing author! Come back once you’ve read it and share your thoughts with me in the comments below!

Book 2 has been announced as well! The title is Queen of Myths and Monsters and it has a planned release of November 2022!

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