Review: Kill Order by Tate James

Oh Tate. This was the final book in a trilogy and yet you still managed to emotionally wreck me, pull apart my emotions, stomp on them, and then put them back together.

Thank you, Tate (and Jane) for the ARC of Kill Order!

Let's dive into a our review of Kill Order, the third book in the Guild series by Tate.

Content warnings: Tate typical violence, sexual content, abuse.

Little bunny foo foo/Murder Rabbit is probably the funniest nickname for a character I've ever seen. And I love it so much. Leon and Kai are adorable and watching their own friendship grow throughout the book as they cared for Danny was awesome. I totally support it.

The new characters we got to meet, specifically Koen, were also amazing! I really liked getting to see more of Danny and Carlos' relationship too.

Tate, I do need a Koen book eventually. K thnx.

The world building in book 3 just continued to add intricacy to the world of Shadow Grove and the bigger world of the Guild. Seeing how the stories connected from past Easter eggs was really cool, and a fun game to see how things matched up.

The plot of Kill Order was freaking awesome. Fast paced and raring to go from page 1 to page 775, this one was super intriguing and engaging.

Tate is the queen of spice, but seeing this different side (menage instead of RH) was really awesome. Danny's sexual relationships with both Leon and Kai separately, and eventually together, were unique and spicy as fuck. I loved it. Kai is adorably depraved, and Leon is...Leon.

At the end, we got word that a new series in the Shadow Grove world is coming up...and I CANNOT WAIT!

Who do we think it will be about? I'm hoping John......... but we shall see!

Tate puts drugs in her books, I'm sure of it. Because I am obsessed with everything she has ever written. And will continue to be obsessed for the rest of my days, I'm sure.

Book Information

kill order


a document issued by the Circle allowing for the murder of a mercenary with no agency repercussions. A rarely-wielded tool, a kill order brings the Circle’s full wrath down on its target.

Worthless, useless, waste of space. That’s what my father liked to remind me on a daily basis. I was a stain on his pristine reputation. We both were, Moana and I. He taught us that we were less than nothing, we were an inconvenience. Slugs on the cabbage of life. But he was wrong.

Because of him, my sister and I dedicated our lives to helping others. Fighting for others who couldn’t fight for themselves. We took risks, gained ranks, and eventually discovered a purpose. My big sister, my best friend… her pain and loss gave us the direction we both so desperately needed.

We were a unit. A family. A team. Dedicated to a purpose. My calling in life. Until I met her.

How do I tame the deadliest of women? How can I prove myself to her, snaring her in the bonds that have lashed me to her? How do I navigate a partnership with a man I loathe, to whom I’d spent years wanting to destroy?

Destroy the Guild. Take Danny home. Live our life.

That had been my goal.


I want her back. I want the Guild out of her life. I’ll sell my soul and work with my enemy if I have to.

Whatever it takes.

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