Review: Call of the Ride by C. Rochelle

The final book of the Yaga’s Riders series by C. Rochelle released TODAY, 10/26, and I am THRILLED to be bringing you this review! 

I was blessed with an ARC as part of both Corinne’s alpha reader team and her review team. If you have not read the first 2 books in the series, do not pass go. There will be spoilers for the first two books… and maybe for this one.


A legacy like mine was never meant to be easy.

Shaky alliances, deals with the deathless, and an enemy far more powerful than previously believed all weigh heavily on my shoulders.

I’d hidden behind the mask of the Yaga for so long, I’d forgotten what it meant to be human. By claiming the fated mate bond with my Riders, I’ve rediscovered parts of myself I’d buried centuries ago, but I wonder if digging up the dead has its own consequences.

Our mission to unearth the key needed to stop The Devouring leads us deep into the decaying heart of humanity, but our greatest threat may come from within.

As my men and I struggle to overcome the ghosts of our pasts, I pray we can learn to master our collective power—before it consumes us entirely.

I am Vasilisa, and I refuse to accept my fate.


Triggers/Content Warnings:

This series is meant for readers 18 and over.

  1. MMFM

  2. Sweary dialogue

  3. Naughty humor

  4. Graphic sex, including kink and various edgeplay

  5. Gore and violence

  6. Reference to past sexual assault and pregnancy loss

  7. General weirdness and medium-dark elements


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ / 🌶🌶🌶🌶

SHE’S DONE IT AGAIN! Corinne is a magician and is proving it once more. All of Corinne’s books make me feel deeply (usually crying over the cliffies), but this one made me feel all the happy feels.

Vasi and the boys are amazing. This book was a wonderful way to wrap up the story without being predictable. The characters continued to develop in both their own way and in their relationship. The plot took twists and turns and are me angry, happy, and weepy all over again.

This story is truly a masterpiece, with an intriguing premise, well executed plot, developed and diverse characters, and a sex positive outlook on life that we should all adopt. There’s some juicy sex scenes, but more than that, they ALL (even the DVP scene) add so much to the characters and their relationship with each other and with themselves.

The boys are both alpha males, while also being sweet and caring to Vasi and to each other, and it’s the most amazing relationship in an RH. Okay, granted a certain Russian python took a bit to get on board, but once he did… oh boy.

The magic in this one, and watching the boys’ magic continue to develop, was so intriguing to read about and witness. There was such growth and amazing development.

The violence. I’m not a violent person in real life, but BOY I was ready to slap some bitches. A certain someone gets a certain something that’s certainly coming to that certain someone. Justice.

If you’re looking for an amazing witchy retelling with respectful M/M, Russian folklore, a sassy curvy witch who takes no shit, this series is for you!

I’m also eyeballing C to peer pressure her into a spin-off. Just do it girl, I know you want to.

Thank you again to C and Bossy for the ARC and more importantly, the friendship. I love you both!

If you’re interested in this series, buy the first book Rise of the Witch here. And buy this one, Call of the Ride, here!