Review: A Witch Out of Time by C. Rochelle

Four hundred years is a long time to wait for your fated mates only to have two of them cruelly ripped away.

Suddenly finding ourselves in the hands of the nefarious Facility—run by my final mate’s father—was enough to make my claws twitch under my skin. The only reason I hadn’t reduced these humans to ribbons of severed flesh was that there was information to uncover, and a swan shifter to find.

Hopefully alive.

I suppose I’ll behave.

Even if we were to escape, we wouldn’t be safe. A mysterious force is destroying my forest and the veil between our world and the Nav is growing thin. My former mentor betrayed me, an enemy from my past is circling, and the god of the underworld is demanding that I return to his realm.

The past has returned with a vengeance, and I need all three Riders by my side in order to claim my power and fulfill my legacy—before we run out of time.

The Yaga’s Riders is based on the folklore of Baba Yaga, with creative liberties taken.

A Witch Out of Time is the second book in a steamy, paranormal romance saga featuring mysterious forces in magical woods, a legendary witch, and the three men destined to find her. This book features M/MFM romance, and multiple POV’s.

Content Warning:

  1. Sweary dialogue

  2. Graphic sex, including kink and various edgeplay

  3. Gore and violence

  4. Reference to past sexual assault and pregnancy loss

  5. General weirdness and medium-dark elements

“How about the three of us cuddle by the fire. And by cuddle, I mean fuck.”


I am not okay. Not okay AT ALL. I knew there was a cliffhanger going into this. Knew it. Still crushed my heart and ground it into a fine powder before spitting on it and dancing a jig. C. Rochelle is a mean, mean lady, and I love her for it.

Whew. Okay. Real words, Jess.

This was stunning. The character development and plot twists were divine. The world building was top notch and, as someone who knows very limited information about Slavic pagan mythology, I never really found myself lost or confused at all. I’m also now on a Slavic pagan mythology research binge so thanks!

I love the sass and interactions between all the characters. I love the spice, of course. And I just love how this book sucked me in and stopped time for me while I read it. The plot was driving, and never dull or boring, or slow, or any of those gross words. The pacing was steady and natural and the plot moved from one point to another almost effortlessly.

The conflict was well developed, heart breaking, yet with a side of “ehh, maybe they can beat it” that keeps your hope alive.

It’s so hard to do multiple POVs well, but C. Rochelle is a genius! Vasi and all of her boys have such distinct voices and inner thoughts that even if I didn’t read who’s chapter it was, I’d be able to tell. Just perfection!

This DOES end on a cliffhanger, just as heartwrenching as the one from book 1, so know that going in.

Okay, words are done. I’m going to go back to rocking back and forth sobbing until the next one comes out. K thanks byeeeee!