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Author Resources: KDP Select or Take it Wide?

This topic is maybe a little controversial, but we're going to talk about it anyways.

In this post, we're tackling the decision many indie and self-published authors are faced with: should you enroll your ebook in Kindle Unlimited, or take it "wide" and make it available on all ebook platforms?

KDP Select, and by extension Kindle Unlimited, only applies to ebooks, so this post will be exclusively discussing ebooks. While I will mention physical books in passing in some areas, please know that this decision only applies to your ebook.

Okay, now, let's get into it.

Once again, this post is not going to tell you what I think you should do. This post will present the pros and cons of both decisions, as well as the details and considerations for both along with my sources so you can do your own research.

KDP Select

Before we get into pros and cons and considerations, let's take a minute to understand what is meant by KDP Select.

From Amazon, the KDP Select Program