Bookstagram Tutorials: Engaging Captions

Next in our Bookstagram Tips and Tricks series, we’re talking about how to write engaging captions! The best way to get people to engage with your content is to give them something to engage with, and that comes in the form of your caption. Captions are often overlooked, as people tend to think the visual aspect of your post is the most important. But the caption is just as important as your visual, if not more important! So let’s talk about the elements of a caption and how to use them to your advantage to grow your account!

Elements of an Engaging Caption

Hook/attention grabber – You want to get people’s attention so they will read your caption in the first place. Use a strong hook that will get people to stop scrolling and hit “see more”. You want them to read your entire caption and you only get a little space, and even less time to do that.

Body – Any details you want people to know about your post or anything you want to say, say it here! Break up your body information into short, easy to read paragraphs. Use bullet points if you can, and use emojis to separate sections of info. People don’t want to read long sections of text, so break it up as much as possible.

Call to action – End your caption with a call to action, instructing your followers to do something. This is the part that leads to the actual engagement. Be specific in your call to action. Tell your audience exactly what you want them to do. Do you want them to comment their favorite book? Do you want them to tag a friend who might like this? Do you want them to click on the link in your bio to get to something? Tell them!

Hashtags – Utilize relevant hashtags at the bottom of your caption. By including your hashtags in the caption, rather than in a comment, you give your post a better shot of reaching more people. I can’t tell you why, but I’ve definitely noticed a difference when I put my tags in a comment.

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How to Make Your Caption Engaging

There are several different ways you can engage your audience. One of the most common ways on Bookstagram is through Question of the Days (QOTD). This gives your followers something specific to answer, providing them with an easy comment!

The goal of writing engaging captions is to give your followers something to contribute to. You want them to comment, like, share, save, go to your bio, something! So you have to give them the tools they need to do that. You can also engage people through quotes, fun facts, informative snippets, or general asking for their thoughts.

While my favorite way is through QOTD, I utilize a variety of ways to engage my followers. For example: on review posts, I make sure to ask people what their thoughts about the book were or if they’ve read it. On informative posts, I share information, and then ask what other tips people have on the topic.

Other than asking questions, the language you use in your caption is important too. You’ll notice that in all my posts on IG and my blog, and even in this one, I use the word “you” quite a bit. I’m trying to pull you into my post and make it personal. If your followers feel a connection to the post, by feeling like you are talking to them directly, they will be more likely to engage with the post.

Fun Fact: These elements also apply to captions for Reels and IGTVs!

Content Planning and Captions

I know this seems like a lot of thought to put into captions. And it is, for good reason. But I know it can be overwhelming. Content planning isn’t for everyone, but if you want to utilize these tips and suggestions, I highly recommend it. Having your caption pre-written and ready to go makes it a lot easier to post when it’s time.

This won’t be for everyone, but if you’re interested in planning your content, I have a few resources for you. First, check out my blog post on how I plan my own content here. Second, you can grab my printable content planning sheets from my shop and use the monthly and daily planners to help you lay out and organize your content. Finally, check out my post on Apps to Use for Bookstagram, which features several apps that will help you plan content in advance. 

My final thoughts on the topic, engagement is important, but it’s not everything. If any of this starts to stress you out, or you feel it’s taking the fun out of Bookstagram, STOP DOING IT.

This is meant to be an escape for most of us, and fun for all of us. So take these tips with a grain of salt, knowing that yes, they will help your account grow, but if they cause you any sort of stress, just stop doing it and do what’s easiest for you.

There’s no right way to Bookstagram. But there are people who are more serious about making it almost a side-hustle than others. So take these tips, and do what you will!

Do you have any ideas or tips about captions? Let me know in the comments!