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Author Resources: Uploading to Ingram Spark

In today's blog post, I'm going to walk you through how to list your book on Ingram. We'll start with getting your ISBNs (if you're in the US), and we'll go all the way through ordering author copies and seeing your book listed on retail sites!

Let's get started... This is a long one, so just be ready!


Getting ISBNs with Bowker

In the United States, the only authorized, legal dealer of ISBNs is Bowker. There are other places that may sell them, but if you want your book to say your name as the publisher and not whatever company you bought them from, you have to go through Bowker.

I want to be clear here before we get started. This is for the UNITED STATES. If you're outside the US, this information is going to be incorrect.

In the US, you need an ISBN for your print books (they're not necessary for ebooks), and you need one for each format you want to sell in (paperback, hardback, large pri