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Author Resources: Editing Your Book

Updated: Jan 14

Once you’ve done the hard part and actually written your book, now you get to move on to the harder part: editing. There are a variety of types of editing, including self-editing or hiring a professional freelance editor.

This post is going to go through the different types of edits, and then how to begin self-editing, and where to find professional editors. It's a long one, but an important one. Take this one slowly, and go at your own pace!

Unless you're some genius prodigy writer that can write a perfect first draft and immediately publish it with NO changes, you're going to have to go through some form of editing. There's nothing that reviewers will target more than a poorly written book. It's HARSH. You've got to edit your book, multiple times. Please.

If you have the money, hire someone.

There are three types of editing to consider, even if you're not planning to hire someone later on. Before we get into the self-editing process, let's talk about the three types of editing.

Typically you do complete them in the order listed. Meaning, you’ll do developmental edits first, then a round of line and/or copy, and then your final proofreading. But what do these even mean… Let’s go through them.

Developmental Editing