Author Marketing: BookFunnel Swaps and Group Promos

*Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored in any way by BookFunnel and I receive nothing from anyone by putting this together. I simply want to share a tool that I use for my own books and for the author’s I PA for.

Are you an author trying to find new ways to market your book? BookFunnel swaps and group promos are a simple, easy to use way to get your name out there, while also reciprocating with fellow authors.

So, in this post, I’m going to walk you through how to set up a BookFunnel swap, how to find and complete swaps with other authors, and how to find and participate in Group Promos.

But first, let’s talk about what BookFunnel is, what BookFunnel swaps are, and some other foundational info.

What is BookFunnel?

To start, let’s chat a bit about what BookFunnel is, in case you haven’t heard of it before. Straight from BookFunnel themselves, they are the “essential tool for indie authors.” And I completely agree. BookFunnel is a platform that helps you organize your books, get them in the hands of readers, and so much more. It is a paid service, but honestly, if you have more than one book published, it’s worth every penny.

Most authors use BookFunnel for their secure ARC delivery, their reader magnet landing pages. But it can actually do so much more. If you have an ebook, BookFunnel is going to be useful for you.

We’re going to be focusing today on how to use BookFunnel to find new readers via Swaps and Promos, but you can also use BookFunnel to sell your ebooks in your online store, giveaway free copies of ebooks, and more. But we’ll get into those features later on!

If you’re interested in learning more about BookFunnel’s other features, check out their FAQ here.

Swaps and Promos

If you’ve read my Author Newsletter post, I briefly touch on newsletter swaps as a way to increase your visibility. For a brief refresher, newsletter swaps are where you agree to feature another author’s book in your newsletter, in exchange for them featuring your book in their newsletter. It’s a trade, and one that benefits both the authors and readers.

You get to put your book in front of a new audience, and the subscribers of the newsletters get to see new books they might enjoy.

BookFunnel swaps are an automated newsletter swap basically. This means that instead of reaching out to authors or finding signups to commit to swaps, you simply go to BookFunnel, find a swap you like, and arrange it on there. Then, BookFunnel gives you the book link and cover to add to your newsletter, and gives the same to the author you’re swapping with. BookFunnel links also track how many people click on the links, so you can see how successful your swap was.

BookFunnel’s Group Promos work in a similar fashion, where groups of authors with similar books promote the group as a whole, allowing readers to find several new books that may tickle their fancy! These group promos are also to be shared in newsletters, or on social media.

Now, onto the good stuff. Let me show you how to do these.

All of the instructions from here on assume that you have a BookFunnel author account. C. Rochelle has been gracious enough to allow me to use screenshots of her account as I set up swaps for her as her PA. (Thanks Corinne!)

This is part of my role as a PA, but authors, you can ABSOLUTELY do this yourselves.

I put these blog posts together to give out information that I have found useful myself, in an effort to make indie author resources more accessible. If you’re looking for guidance on something specific, or have an idea for a blog post you’d love to see me cover, please let me know! Shoot me an email, or message me on Instagram.

Setting Up A BookFunnel Swap

This first section will cover how to set up your own swap. Once you have this set, you will be able to swap with other authors.

Go to BookFunnel

First, you need to build a sales landing page for any book you want to swap:

Then, you want to set up your own swap listing by going to Author Swaps > Actions > Add New Swap. That will open these screens where you input the details about your newsletter and what you’re willing to swap

Now you’re ready to start swapping!

Finding Author Swaps

Go to Author Swaps, and you can see all the authors available to do newsletter swaps with you!

Once you scroll and find a swap you want, click on the orange text. It will pop up the details of the other author and what they are swapping

If you’d like to swap with them, click Request Swap and then it will take you to this screen, where you fill out your swap details, including what book you want them to share and when you will share their book. Hit submit request when you’re done

You’ll get notifications when your swap requests are accepted or declined, or you can also see them under “Your Swaps”

When your swap comes along, click on the detail name and it will pull up this screen

On this screen, you will get the tracking link for the book to feature in your newsletter, along with the cover image. Using this link is imperative, as BookFunnel will track how many clicks you get and it goes towards your “reputation” for swaps.

To see your previous swaps, you can go to Swap History

If people request swaps from you, they will show in Pending Requests. You have 3 days to accept or decline these swap requests:

Along the same lines as swaps, you can also participate in Group Promos. You still need a sales landing page for these.

Group Promos

These group promos are groups of similar books related by topic. You will be given a tracking link and a cover image to feature in your newsletter, which will direct people to the group of books involved in the promo.

To find Group Promos, go to Running Promos

Find one you want to participate in and click on it and submit the required information. You’ll either be accepted or declined. Some promos accept or decline based on your swap reputation, so make sure to build that!

Once you get accepted to a group promo, they will show up in the Your Promos tab

To get the details for the group promo, click on the title and it will open a details page. This page details how often you need to share (usually only once during the run time of the promo), and any other specific details.

Then, click on the tracking link to be taken to the page with the cover image and all the books listed in the Group Promo! Use this information to add the promo to your newsletter for your subscribers to find all the books in this group promo!

And that’s a wrap folks! I hope this was a helpful guide for learning BookFunnel swaps and promos! As always, if you have ideas for blog posts, or topics you’d like to see me cover, please let me know!

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