Review: A Light in the Flame by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Well okay then miss Jennifer. We’ll just go with that then.

This review is for A Light in the Flame, book 2 of the Flesh and Fire series, which is a prequel series to the Blood and Ash series. See the end of the review for the recommended reading order. and links to my previous reviews.

These series are companion series, and Jennifer has said she plans to merge the storylines, making both series requires reading!

A Light in the Flame (Flesh & Fire #2)

Rating: 4.5/5

Spice: 3/5

Triggers: graphic violence, murder, serious injury, sexual content, mentions of non-consensual blood taking, mentions of infant death, mentions of kidnapping and captivity, suicidal ideation and thoughts.

Take care of yourself. Your mental health comes before any story.

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This was fantastic! Okay let me try to sum it up without spoilers…

Sera is probably one of my favorite FMCs. And this book firmly solidified her spot. Jennifer’s depiction of her anxiety, her depression, her disregard for her own life, her emptiness. It struck me so very hard in this one.

The scene at the pools especially. I’ve had those feelings before, and still do, and reading them from Sera’s point of view was a bit harder than I was expecting and I had to pause to cry and process a bit. But I think it was perfectly done and definitely right for Sera’s character. The authors note at the end made me very grateful to Jennifer as well. Thank you.

The world building and mythology building has continued and served to add layers and layers of nuance to the world we know as Sera explored it. Sera asks less questions than our beloved Poppy, but she’s no less sheltered from the truth, and discovering the world alongside her is well done and not forced in this one. I especially loved the references to the poppy flowers and the Balfour family! I love Easter eggs like that.

Jadis and Reaver continue to give me life and I would willingly die for both of them without question. Daddy Nektas is also amazing and his interactions with Sera, especially at the Pools really tugged oh my heart. I can’t wait to see them interact more with Sera, and later, with Poppy! The draken might actually be my favorite ever of this series.

Nyktos…oh Nyktos. He and sera are really perfect for each other and they’re both so undeniably flawed it’s amazing. He’s swoony but at the same time I’d like to smack him. And same goes for Sera. The balance is great.

As usual, the spice is top tier, the tension is palpable, and the angst made me want to scream and cry but also kept me up all night finishing it.

My one big complaint about this one in particular is the use of modern phrases. I’m sorry but hearing Sera say “you do you” to Nyktos was just not it. It pulled me out of the story and was just too much. There weren’t too many of these thankfully, but that was something I didn’t care for. I’ve not noticed it as much in the previous books, so hopefully this is just a one off.

All that said, I’m so excited to see how the stories of Nyktos and Sera continue to cross over into Poppy and Cas’s story. But one thing we can all agree on. Fuck Callum.

I can’t wait for the next one! Thank you to Jennifer and Malissa and the JLA team for the ARC.


Recommended Reading Order:

From Blood and Ash (Poppy & Cas)

A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire (P&C)

The Crown of Gilded Bones (P&C)

A Shadow in the Ember (Sera & Nyktos)

The War of Two Queens (P&C)

A Light in the Flame (S&N)