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Tales from the Otherworld Trilogy Book 1

Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal Historical Romance

Spice Level: RCRS Level 3 (what is RCRS?)

releasing October 2023


Katrina van Tassel is the daughter of the most prominent family of Sleepy Hollow. While her life may be secluded and rigidly controlled by her mother, she never worried that she would be chosen for death. Until this year.


Sleepy Hollow is crumbling, the wards around it that keep it separate from the mundane world are weakening. And the town believes the only way to keep themselves safe is to sacrifice someone to the mysterious and deadly Dullahan, the Horseman of Death. And this year, that someone is Katrina.


This ominous Horseman is nothing like the legends, though. Uninterested in sacrifices, or in bending to the town’s whims, the Horseman saves Katrina instead, though his reasons are far more complex than Katrina is led to believe.


Something evil is being summoned to Sleepy Hollow, and now Katrina and this harbinger of death must work together to save the town they both love. But things are not always as they appear…especially in a town like Sleepy Hollow.

Trigger/Content Warnings:

This book contains some dark themes. Possible trigger warnings include: themes of parental neglect and emotional abuse, non-explicit references to sacrificial practices, depictions of anxiety and panic attacks, death/murder, non-consensual drug use, confinement, and other dark themes that may be triggering to some readers.

Trigger Locations

Parental neglect - throughout

Emotional Abuse - chapters 1, 2, 3

References to sacrificial practices - 

Anxiety and panic attacks - 

Death/murder - 

Non-consensual drug use - 

Injury - 

Confinement - 

Enucleation - 

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